Manasseh Nwaigwe, Jr., DC


About Dr. Nwaigwe, Jr.

Dr. Manasseh is a graduate from Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS) where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Graduating at the top of his class with honors. He distinguished himself with recognition by the principles and practice department for his excellence in knowledge and performance of chiropractic technique procedures and service in the area of chiropractic procedures.

Dr. Manasseh successfully completed a number of internship programs at USC, SCUHS, SMART Spine Institute, Doc Dossman Sports Medicine, and Athletic Gaines where he gained valuable clinical experience in sports medicine. An integral member of the sports medicine team evaluating and treating professional, amateur, collegiate, and high school athletes, in addition to providing conservative management, rehabilitation and performance optimization for all patients.

Dr. Manasseh is a highly sought out sports medicine practitioner for patients who wish to return to athletic competition, a highly active lifestyle, or a physically demanding work environment. Athletes of all levels (professional, elite, collegiate, and high school), firefighters, police officers, military personnel, and others motivated to recover quickly from a performance-related injury or surgical procedure, will find his unique sports medicine approach to be the unsurpassed rehabilitation solution.

Active his entire life with interests in health, fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition. Dr. Manasseh’s work ethic and passion for sports medicine is simply a chosen vehicle to enhance athletes lives daily so they too can thrive.

Currently, Dr. Manasseh treats professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, UFC, MLB, and Jockeys in thoroughbred racing sport. His patient population consist of top high-school athletes and NCAA Division I athletes throughout the nation.