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Can chiropractors treat problems with my foot and ankle?

Yes chiropractors treat a range of foot and ankle problems such as bunions, ankle sprains and strains, we can do stretching, chiropractic adjustments and therapies on the foot and ankle to improve your range of motion and mobility all while decreasing pain. We also have a team of medical doctors here and a board certified podiatrist who can address your foot or ankle problems and perform bunion surgery, ingrown toenails, hammertoe surgery or other foot-related surgical procedures. We also can create orthotics for shoe support.

What is an epidural injection?

The epidural injections that our pain management physicians do starts with an IV (of medicine which is given intravenously) to help you relax and sedate you so that you don’t move during the procedure. The doctor will then insert the thin needle directly into the epidural space. Fluoroscopy, a type of video x-ray, is used to ensure the safe and proper position of the needle. A dye may also be injected to make sure that the needle is in the correct spot. A corticosteroid is safely placed in the epidural space. A picture is then printed out showing the medicine on top of the disc and the nerves.

What do your doctors do for hip or knee problems?

We have many treatments for hip pain and knee pain. Our chiropractors and medical doctors work together as a team, from orthopedic physicians to pain management physicians we have a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist. We also have state of the art therapies like NormaTec compression boots to help treat the legs, hips and shoulders to alleviate pain and inflammation in conjunction with our other therapies and treatments.

What does an orthopedic specialist do?

Our orthopedic physician specializes in extremities like surgeries for elbow, wrist, shoulder, knees and hips. We do not perform spinal surgical procedures here, however our pain management physicians perform spinal non-invasive procedures such as spinal epidurals, nerve blocks and other procedures that block pain receptors and improve the quality of life for patient suffering from back pain and neck pain.

What does a minimally invasive surgery mean?

Minimally invasive surgery is a surgery minimizing surgical incisions to reduce trauma to the body. These types of surgery are usually performed using very thin-needles and an instrument called an endoscope to visually guide the surgeon.

Do your orthopedic surgeons perform knee replacements?

Knee replacement surgeries are usually done in in-patient facilities like hospitals due to their complexity. We perform other knee surgeries like knee scopes, ACL or Meniscus repair and repair for torn patellar tendons.

How can I request an appointment?

We accept appointment requests via text to our main office number: 626-445-0326 or you can call our office 626-445-0326, we also accept appointment requests online at: https://mysmartspine.com/contact/#contact

How much experience do the Arcadia chiropractic team members have?

Our founder Dr. Richard Sayegh has been treating patients in Arcadia since 1985. Our other doctors have been here for 10+ years and Dr. Harry has been with Dr. Sayegh for over 25 years.

What types of chiropractic treatments do you provide?

We have the latest technology including NormaTec compression boots. We can use these on extremities like legs, hips and shoulders and arms. This provides lymphatic drainage which aids the body in eliminating toxins and inflammation. We also do soft tissue massage, massage therapy, deep tissue work like Graston / Scraping, Ultrasound therapy, Hot/Cold therapy and chiropractic adjustments and manipulation as well.

Can a chiropractor be my Primary Care Physician?

While we have treated entire families for over 30 years, we usually prefer that our patients have Primary Care Physicians with their family medical doctor. We treat children, student athletes, their parents and grandparents. Our doctors specialize in sports medicine, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an athlete to appreciate their expertise. We have been performing family therapy for over 30 years and our patients bring their family members to us. We have patients that fly in from out of the country to treat here because our level of care and outcomes are so good. Once you treat here, you know you’re going to feel better and be taken care of like family.

Can I treat with your doctors if I have been injured in a car accident / Personal Injury case?

Yes, all of our doctors accept Personal Injury liens as well as our surgery center will also work on a lien. This means that patients who require care from chiropractors for therapy and may even require surgeries can treat in one facility and all of the physicians here will work on a lien and negotiate the lien at the end of the personal injury case.

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