Dr. Adrian Darryll Sulindro, MD

Pain Management 

About Dr. Adrian Darryll Sulindro

Adrian Darryll Sulindro, MD

Dr. Adrian Darryll Sulindro is a Pain management and Rehabilitation Medicine physician who is a physician on the team at Biohealth Pain Management. He completed his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency at the Prestigious Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance of Mount Sinai in New York City ranked Top 10 in the nation, and furthered his training at UC Irvine Health, the only Accredited Pain Medicine Fellowship in Orange County, California. He has been published in various journals, book chapters and national academic conferences.

His interests lie in interventional pain medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, regenerative medicine, sports injuries and focus on return to function. He offers various cutting-edge treatments such as non-surgical spine interventions, spinal cord stimulation, radiofrequency ablation, PRP therapy, and peripheral nerve stimulation to name a few. He is actively involved in various professional societies and conferences to stay up to date on the latest treatments. He is also a former World and International Level Pairs Figure Skating Athlete, and is focused on using a multimodal approach to helping patients achieve better function, and healthier, more meaningful lives.

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