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Winnipeg Massage Therapy

Winnipeg Massage Therapy

Are you engulfed by stress, body pain, and sleeplessness? Try the best Winnipeg massage therapy offered only at Walk-in Chiropractic Clinic! Our team of experienced massage therapists alleviates pain using a combination of pressure, compression, and kneading techniques that will help you relax both physically and mentally.

What can massage therapy do?

Massage therapy is a treatment approach in practice since time unknown. It is a holistic pain management strategy with a focus on applying pressure on the soft tissues and joints of the body to create a positive impact. In massage therapy, we use a series of massage techniques such as pressure, compression, kneading, mobilizing, and friction to ease the pain experienced in muscles, joints, tendons, and other connective tissues in the body.

Massage therapy:

  • Reduces pain
  • Results in improved range of motion
  • Relaxes your mind and body
  • Speeds up the healing process
  • Gives energy and promotes positivity
  • Aids in better circulation of blood
  • Eliminates muscle soreness and
  • Cures insomnia, etc.

Our Winnipeg massage therapy offers relief for a myriad of pain conditions such as sports-related injuries, soft tissue injuries, and sprains, lower back pain, etc.

Does therapeutic Ultrasound work?

Therapeutic Ultrasound heats the painful muscles and joints in your body that lie beneath the reach of a hot pack. Therapeutic Ultrasound is the application of sound waves above the range of average human hearing to treat issues such as muscle strains and runner’s knee. A physiotherapist uses therapeutic Ultrasound on his patients to effectively manage their musculoskeletal problems.

The different levels of therapeutic Ultrasound are known as flavors. And flavors differ from one another based on intensity levels and frequency levels of sounds. However, all flavors of this technique use the practice of stimulating tissues using sound waves to treat different pain problems.

Therapeutic Ultrasound for chronic pain

Therapeutic Ultrasound is a treatment used to reduce swelling, chronic inflammation, improve bone fractures, etc. Ultrasound waves traverse painful areas with the help of an ultrasound probe. The probe goes on top of your skin, on the pain site, along with a coupling gel. This method is highly efficient in healing injuries after trauma, surgeries, and sports injuries. It relaxes your tissues and improves blood circulation. Therapeutic Ultrasound works by delivering two types of effects:

  1. Deep heating effects: Ultrasound provides a deep heating effect to soft tissues in the body. Deep healing of tendons, joints, muscles, and ligaments increases blood circulation to those tissues, which aids the healing process. This technique also reduces pain in muscles, joints, and connective tissues.
  2. Non-thermal effects (cavitation): Ultrasound creates microscopic gas bubbles around your tissues, allowing them to expand and contract frequently. Studies prove that this rapid motion of gas bubbles helps speedup cellular processes, which in result, heals the injured tissue.

Give your body and mind the luxury that it deserves by booking our Winnipeg massage therapy. Walk-in Chiropractic Clinic is the only pain treatment center in Winnipeg to offer highly effective massage therapies at affordable prices. Call us today and sign in for an amazing massage therapy experience!

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Winnipeg Massage Therapy