Outpatient Treatment
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Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment

Finding the right place to receive intensive outpatient addiction treatment can be a challenge these days when there are so many options to choose from.

At Advanced Recovery Centers, we have differentiated ourselves from other substance abuse treatment centers not only because of the results we have with our patients but also because of the way we work with the most complex addiction cases.

It is our purpose to always provide better and broader coverage to the increasing demand for treatment, which is why Advanced Recovery Centers offer various modalities appropriate to the needs of the patient and family.

The main goal of our treatment facilities for drug and alcohol addictions is to have a large professional team around each patient and their family, to achieve a personalized treatment and thus obtain the best results in the different stages of a rehabilitation process of these characteristics. In order to achieve an immediate cessation of substance use, the patient must be provided with an appropriate therapeutic environment away from the dysfunctional and stressful social network in which he/she finds him/herself in order to start a rehabilitation process.

In this sense, one of our differential values is the place we give to our patients' families throughout the detoxification process.

The family is integrated into the Therapeutic Rehabilitation Process from the very beginning, where they are informed about the characteristics of the treatment, guidelines, norms, etc., and the fundamental role regarding family accompaniment in the treatment.

It is part of the therapeutic process to seek the commitment of assistance to groups of parents, wives, and girlfriends, as well as the transmission of guidelines at home and outings, understanding in the process that what is naturalized in the coexistence during the treatment will be reviewed, reformulated and modified for the welfare of all members of the family and emotional core.

Our treatment roadmap has proven its effectiveness time and again over the years, and the family support component is present in every step of the process.

The architecture of our care program is pioneering among outpatient rehab treatment. The person is sheltered from everything that may influence his or her recovery for a reasonable period of time so that, to the extent of his or her achievements, he or she can establish a fluid exchange with the socio-familial environment and with the real world. We have a structure designed to motivate and keep patients in treatment.

At our Bakersfield, CA location, we provide an outpatient treatment setting that expands the therapeutic space to other mental health disorders.

We believe that only a solid operating model and a transformative approach that offers a true range of therapeutic tools can address a problem of this magnitude.

These values and treatment methodology have made us one of the top choices for people looking for the best drug and alcohol rehab center near them. And we will continue working for those patients for many years from now.

If you are looking for substance addiction treatment, you can check out our verification of benefits on our website: https://advancedrecoverycenters.com/verification-of-benefits

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Outpatient Treatment
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Outpatient Treatment