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Back Pain Chiropractor

Back Pain Chiropractor

Trust the Best Back Pain Chiropractor

Back issues can bring different conditions such as intense pain, insomnia, moodiness, and lack of mobility, among others. When the condition is prolonged, doctors usually suggest surgical procedures.

However, consider that back surgery is not a simple matter. It is therefore essential that you explore other alternatives before entering the surgical room. One of the best options is to consult with top-of-the-line back pain chiropractors in Arcadia CA. It is essential that you know the powerful reasons why you should see a top chiropractor before you go under the knife.

Top-5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor Before Surgery

  1. Pain Relief

Top-notch chiropractors apply different methodologies to reduce inflammation in the nerves and muscles of the back. These methods allow in many cases to relieve back pain, without the risks associated with surgery. The best chiropractic care for back pain can help you deal with a variety of conditions including neck pain, disc pain, muscle contraction, and even sciatica. Applying the best chiropractic treatments for lower back pain & back, in general, can free you from pain without surgery.

  1. Alignment & Adjustment

Keep in mind that the spinal column contains the spinal cord, from which a large number of nerve endings exit. In many cases, a bad position of the vertebral discs is the cause of back discomfort. The manipulation of an expert chiropractor will help the adjustment of the discs so that there is better cushioning. This will significantly help to improve the flexibility of the area, decreasing pain. In other cases, the problem lies in a misaligned spine. Then, top-notch chiropractors apply different techniques to realign the spine naturally and thus avoid the surgery room.

  1. Less Invasive

Keep in mind that surgery is a major issue, and you will need a long recovery time and rehabilitation to get your back in good condition. The chiropractor applies much less invasive methodologies, which will allow you to progressively recover the condition of your back. The therapy sessions have no downtime and in case you need them, aftercare is minimal. That is why the American Medical Association (AMA) recommends using less invasive methods (such as chiropractic) before going to the operating room.

  1. Lower Risk

Whenever there is an incision there are different risks such as blood loss, infections, and other organ involvement. Besides, many organisms react negatively to anesthesia. That is a strong reason why you should see a chiropractor for low back pain and other back conditions before thinking of surgery. It is essential that you consider all alternatives, and leave the knife as a last resort.

  1. Less Expensive

Back surgery procedures are expensive. In the event that your insurance does not cover the entire procedure, you may have to pay a significant amount. In contrast, most insurance carriers cover the costs of chiropractic therapies. In case that your insurance does not cover these costs, your expenses will always be significantly less than surgical procedures.

Count on the Experts

If you want to explore all alternatives before deciding on surgery, and you require the attention of a leading back pain chiropractor, you're in the right place. At S.M.A.R.T. Spine Institute & Surgery Center you have the best team of specialists in California ready to serve you. Let us help you get your back to regain top condition with a service that will leave you more than satisfied. Contact us today to book your first appointment and get the expert chiropractic care you need and deserve.

Back Pain Chiropractor
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Back Pain Chiropractor
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Back Pain Chiropractor