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Cool Laser Therapy

New technologies in skin repair can help reverse the signs of aging in non-invasive ways. Skin on the face and neck is the first area to shows signs of exposure, and although topical treatments can help slow the effects of the sun and lifestyle, now there are other options for people looking for an effective solution without undergoing surgical procedures.

Cool laser is a revolutionary new way to liquefy fat by breaking up fat cells in areas under the chin, neck, jowls, and areas with loose skin. It has been used successfully on the neck, face, breasts, upper arms, abdomen and legs to tighten skin and reduce the signs of aging. The wavelength of the laser sends radio frequencies into the tissue that produce heat below the skin’s surface. This specific frequency affects the body’s natural collagen and can actually improve the skin, without damaging the outer layers – a common side effect of more common chemical treatments.

Sometimes called "cool lipo" this laser procedure is less disruptive to the body than standard liposuction and has a shorter recovery time. Generally, there is less bruisingthat traditional liposuction and it can be performed under local anesthesia in the physician’s office.

Because of the nature of the procedure, the laser is able to target small areas that are difficult to reach with common liposuction. 

Of course, the results will vary depending on the patient’s age, the area treated, and how well a patient’s skin responds to the treatment. Sometimes the effects are seen within days, sometimes improvements are visible after a few months.

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